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Planning your Wedding

The day little girls dream of.. their Wedding Day!!  Everyone’s Wedding Day should be a magical , love filled day with memories made to last a lifetime.

Although no two weddings are ever the same, the love and happiness that is shared on this special day is definitely the common denominator!  Different venues set the stage for different tastes; some being small and intimate settings and others large full scale events with hundreds of guests.

Our wedding wasn’t small, like an intimate party of 5 or 10, but it wasn’t huge in the grand scheme of wedding party’s out there! We were married on a beautiful ranch in the Foothills of Alberta in a small town called Millarville.   We were surrounded by about 100 of our loving family members and close friends on a hot July day in 1979.  My “Aunt and Uncle” had graciously agreed to host our wedding day and all of the guests with their home and private lake and the mountains behind as the backdrop. A more beautiful setting we could never have imagined for our special day!

As I walked out the porch of the lower level of the home on my loving Dad’s arm, our close friends of many years were on the upper deck and  as                   Don Johnson, amazing musician and trumpet player ..  from the balcony above played “Here Comes the Bride” .. my Dad walked me out across the lawns to where a few moments later I said “I do” to my now husband of     almost 40 years – Mike !  Our day could not have been more perfect !

My Aunt had said for months that if the weather turned for the worse, which, in Calgary and surrounding areas is VERY possible -rain, hail and even snow not uncommon in the Foothills in July! ,  we had the back up of the Quonset to turn to!  Luckily it was an extremely hot and sunny day and we were blessed with the brightest and happiest day one could hope for.

Our Reception was held not far away in Okotoks at the Elks Hall.  We had a very informal setting; relaxed and comfortable.  Very down to earth.  The best part of all was being surrounded by so many we loved so much. The laughter and love and so many hugs. Yes, memories CAN last a lifetime.

Our friend Peggy, a very special lady in our hearts,  sang our song for our first dance .. “Do I love You” .. that is a treasured memory that fills my heart to this day.


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Wedding Venues

My parents were also married on a farm ~ in June.  My Mom and Dad had their wedding all planned when my Grandfather took ill.  They cancelled all their plans to move the wedding up so that my Grandfather , my Dad’s Dad, could be a part of it.  They got married on the family farm in early summer as my Grandfather watched from his hospital bed thru the living room window.  Love. Family love, always first.

It is not the venue or the time of year, that matters but who is there with you to celebrate you and your joining together on your special day.  Being with those you love holds the most special memories.

Whether you are married in someone’s living room, on the top of a mountain, out on a ranch in the middle of summer, a fancy golf course or a destination wedding on a tropical island, the love that surrounds you and the sound of the voices and laughter of all of your closest friends and family will be the most treasured of all of the memories.

Journey of Life and Love

Marriage and family holds a lifetime of love, which includes ups and downs.  Good and bad.  This journey called life can have many unexpected twists and turns. Exhilarating moments and confusing times. During the toughest struggles is when your love will see you thru.   You start off as a couple in love.. just the two of you.  If you choose to have children, your family grows and now your love is shared between not just the two of you but your little one or little ones . So many stages thruout the years as we grow as individuals, as our children grow up, and then our children have children and the love carries on.  Generations of traditions and happy memories.

We have been blessed in our family. My Grandparents and my Parents both had marriages of over 50 years and they were all amazing pillars of strength and inspiration to us.  We strive to be the best we can be.  We don’t profess to be perfect or to know all and we admit to having made mistakes along the way.. life every day has learning opportunities for us and mistakes are how we learn we have found.

Time passes by so very quickly.  Treasure your time together as every moment is precious. When I look back over the past almost 40 years of marriage and all the places we have been, the amazing family times, the friendships we have been blessed with, I still can’t believe how far we’ve come!

If you are planning your special Wedding Day now, I wish you love and happiness along the way.  Know that the ups and downs are all worth it if you hold true to your love.  Treat each other with respect and kindness.  Listen to each other. Feelings and thoughts are important and sharing rather than holding in is healthier.  Never stop being each other’s best friends. Turn to each other first. Support each other’s dreams. We can all grow as individuals without having to grow apart.

Forty years later I’m no longer that quiet, shy 21 year old Bride that had no idea what the future held for me.  Now 60 years old.. that number still doesn’t make sense to me!!  I still hold all my memories of my special day close to me.. and it by no means seems almost 40 years past!  I still have hopes and dreams going forward with my loving husband and we are still best friends.

Cherish your Years Together

Cherish your early years together and your middle years so that in your later years you still have your best friend that you fell in love with at your side.

What could be more special than being in love right until the end with the person that stole your heart in the beginning!

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