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by Catherine Gates , November 9, 2018

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One very much loved member of our family is our precious little Yorkie, Koda, who you see here in my post in a few places 😊

Koda, precious pet, yorkie fun, yorkie cute

Koda is one and a half and a daily joy in our lives. He is a very lovable little guy and full of so much energy!! Keeps us on our toes as he loves to have all of our attention whenever he can! He is a very smart little one as most Yorkies are.. as most pets of any kind are if you put the time in with them and give them lots of love!!

Our First Loss

Two years ago we lost our first special little furry member of our family, our beloved Tia, after 13 years. Tia was a Yorkie/Shitzu cross but full of Yorkie spirit !! Tia, first loss, very loved puppy

It broke our hearts when we lost Tia very unexpectedly after a few days of her being ill. We should have known the day may have been coming closer because she was 13 years old and had had a heart problem since born, but nevertheless it is never easy to lose anyone special to your heart.

The morning we lost her, Tia still had one last burst of energy as she bounded up the stairs and then just lay on our bed surrounded by her blankets and toys. We took her to the Vet expecting that she had a flu or cold as she was so despondent , but in my arms, while we waited, our little Tia had a seizure and then within moments she took her last few breaths. I was in total disbelief and just stood there crying for over twenty  minutes as they tried to explain to me what we had to do to put her to rest.. what all of our options were. I couldn’t even think clearly at all!! I think I was in shock and utter disbelief and that lasted for days. I had a total feeling of emptiness and loss and it was so so quiet around the house without little Tia following me around and being there to greet me if I returned from being out. We had enjoyed her company for 13 years and have so many memories we cherish.

We had been very  lucky with our Tia as since she was born, she had never been seriously ill with any ailment, nor had she ever had any accidents! We had purchased a Pet Policy for Tia shortly after we had brought her home at eight weeks of age. We personally had decided to buy just an accident insurance policy as she was so small and our first concern of course was her hurting herself somehow as she ran and jumped everywhere so quickly… Also, she was very fast to be right behind you when you least expected it and  I was always terrified of someone tripping over her and her getting hurt… never mind the person who also might get tripped up! In all of our years with our precious Tia she never got injured but the premiums on her policy were kept up to date right until the very sad time that we lost her. We just wanted to be sure that she was protected just like we are with our own life insurance and protection policies in case of emergencies.

Pet Insurance for our Furry FriendsSpecial furry friends deserve the best care

There are so many different companies and so many different kinds of coverages that you can enroll your beloved pets in to be sure you cover any kind of emergency .. or even regular check ups and care.
We searched carefully when we bought coverage originally for our Tia and we did the same searches for our little Koda. Again, although illness can come along unexpectedly, we are always worried about accidents as well, as they are unpredictable!

I have researched many different companies in looking at coverages and options and after extensive research about their coverages, and after reading all the reviews and stories and seeing the excellent ratings, if you live in the U.S.A., We recommend pet health insurance from
Embrace Pet Insurance

We believe that our furry best friends deserve the BEST pet insurance you can find depending on where you may live – they are members of our families and close to our hearts so their coverage is important just like our own!

Up to 90% Back on your Vet Bills

With Embrace Pet Insurance you get back up to 90% of your Vet bills from any Vet.

Up to 90% back on vet bills

Get a FREE Quote

You can get a   Get a FREE quote from Embrace Pet Insurance.   in just minutes.

I read so many stories on Embrace Pet Insurance site from pet parents who have spoken up about unexpected health issues that their precious pets have experienced and the claims that Embrace has paid on their behalf.
Whether your cat swallows a ribbon, as happened to one pet owner! or your pet ingests a foreign or poisonous substance, or an unfortunate accident of your pet running into the street and being hit by a car… freak accidents do happen!

Comparisons to Different Companies

There are comparisons on Embrace Pet Insurance   to 10 other companies to help you understand the benefits and what you are getting when there are so many choices out there and it can often be confusing.

Embrace Pet Insurance has personalized policies that you can create for your pet specifically.

Better Business Bureau A+ Rating

This  is a very highly rated company and has great reviews and is a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ Rating.

Their site has a very comprehensive FAQ’s section so that you can understand all aspects of the coverages that you can apply for and what is involved.

24/7 Pet Help Line

Another amazing benefit of Embrace Pet Insurance  is the peace of mind you get with their 24/7 Pet Help Line – Access to Veterinary experts at all times of day or night!  This feature of Embrace partnering with whiskerDocs giving policy holders access to 24/7 advice from experts – can ease your mind if something goes wrong outside of regular vet hours.. as there is one thing we pet parents know, accidents and illness don’t necessarily happen within your vet’s office hours!

This special service is included with every policy at no extra charge!

We hope that you will check out Embrace Pet Insurance   and see what they have to offer and if any of their policies suit your pets needs at this time.
Our pets are part of our families and we want to be sure they have all the best care they can get!!

Mind if we pay your vet bills?

*Disclosure: This post includes Affiliate links from which I may receive a small referral fee which in no way affects your costs if you choose to get a policy for your pet thru Embrace Pet Insurance. 

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