Lemongrass Essential Oil Blend Helped My Husband’s Restless Leg Syndrome!!

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Last evening , my husband’s legs started up again (restless leg syndrome) as he tried to relax , with the typical tingling feeling and slight shaking starting. We decided to try another combination of oils that I had just discovered yesterday in addition to the ones I had just previously posted about.
(Disclaimer: I am sharing what has worked for us in our family when I share about our success with oils in our household; but it is important for you to know that I am not claiming that Essential Oils will cure illnesses or other diseases.)Lemongrass Essential OIl Blend Helped my Husband's Restless Leg Syndrome
Young Living has a Lemongrass Essential Oil which turns out to be another excellent oil for (RLS) Restless Leg Syndrome in being able to combat the uncomfortable symptoms.
This Essential Oil has natural analgesic and sedative properties and can definitely aid in relaxation and the relief from this extremely tiring and frustrating condition.
Young Living’s Lemongrass Essential Oil has a light, fresh, citrus aroma with earthy undertones. This oil is refreshing and rejuvenating and has stimulating and balancing properties.
It was suggested to use this Essential Oil topically to help relieve joint or muscle pain that can come with strains, sprains and even rheumatoid arthritis. It is also said to have calming properties which will enhance relaxation if inhaled.

If you want to try a blend for use in your diffuser, these 2 oils below are a great mix to start with:
4 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
2 drops of Lemongrass Essential Oil

We decided to try the massage blend and see if this would indeed help my husband’s legs stop the constant motion and jerking that comes along with the (RLS) Restless Leg Syndrome. The suggested blend below, if you want to try to massage the oils for relief, worked very well for my husband Mike last night.
To use as a massage blend, combine:                                                                                 4 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
2 drops of Lemongrass Essential Oil
4 drops of Ginger Essential Oil

Mix Oils Into : 4 teaspoons of Carrier Oil– – VERY important to use a carrier oil***

Young Living has 2 wonderful carrier oils: V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex and Ortho Ease Massage Oil.

You should always check your personal sensitivity to oils but mixing into a carrier oil is definitely recommended.

We mixed the above blend and then applied down Mike’s spine; massaged into his knees and lower legs/calves; and also massaged into the bottoms of his feet.
Within a few moments Mike’s legs completely settled down and for the rest of the evening he was able to relax with no further trouble with his legs. This was a huge relief for him as being on dialysis, and tied to the dialysis machine for hours while he is doing a treatment, it is extremely tiring when his legs start to go and he is unable to do anything about it – like get up and go for a walk!
An added benefit of the oil massage last night was the wonderful aroma of the blend of the oils. It was very calming and I felt relaxed as well.
At the end of the evening, Mike massaged more of the blend into the bottom of his feet and I massaged it down the centre of his spine. He slept peacefully and yet another added bonus… no snoring!! 😊 😊
We will continue to try different blends of oils for Restless Leg Syndrome but these last couple of blends definitely helped !!

If you would like to know about any other oils or more information about Young Living Essential Oils please ask me any questions you may have.

Cathy Gates
Independent Young Living Distributor #64969

This post is purely for educational and informational purposes only and does not intend to diagnose or treat any disease.

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