Impact101 – Amazing New Platform Helping People Around the World

There is a new Company – only 1 month old now that is taking off Globally and is going to help members Worldwide!


is a subsidiary of the Company QRGL Marketing Inc. which has been in business since 2011. This is an IT Company with 2019 cutting edge technology that has provided us with an amazing website including a great back office . The site explains it all so that you don’t have to … Easy to share, easy to replicate for anyone just starting out, even for those with  NO experience.

Within the first 12 days  Impact101  had new members join in 57 countries and now after only one month there are members in 104 Countries with videos in 9 languages already so far!             Cantonese Chinese, English, French, German , Hebrew , Mandarin Chinese , Portuguese , Russian, Spanish , are the videos already on site with more to come!

This is a PREMIER, person to person, Global Crowd Funding platform and system with powerful tools and landing pages to help you share quickly and succeed in your goals .  Crowd Funding   is a hot sector right now. You can help to dramatically transform people’s lives by sharing this  Impact101  Opportunity with them. Donations can be used for anything!! Health, travel, any cause close to your heart. This platform gives you the ability to raise unlimited funds for anything that you want to raise funds for in a simple easy way.

The Founders, who include Frank Servedio, President; are 100% committed and focused to growing this Crowd Funding platform to be #1 in the World. It has been built professionally and with longevity in mind. There is a great support team in place and Customer Service is a #1 priority.

You can become a member of  Impact101  for as little as $25.00 for a 6 month subscription for your own website or for $40.00 for a full 1 year membership.  As far as making  a donation or receiving donations for your  own cause, YOU choose what YOU are comfortable starting with at a starting point of only $40.00.

There is NO selling involved –just let the videos do the talking – Ask people if they know anyone that needs extra money and if they say YES! Share the short 9 minute video.  You don’t have     to be an expert to use this system – the site is self explanatory and provides great videos to do all the explaining for you!  This is a very powerful system . Once you pick a grid – you simply make 2 donations to start your grid and be open to receiving donations of your own. Teamwork! We received our first 2 donations within 12 hours of joining and these were from people we didn’t even know!   You get your own Mobile Landing Page included with your own website – You just need to share!

Build a Global Business by sharing a short video about people helping people all around the World.  No barriers, no borders.

Watch the Video and learn first hand how this amazing platform can help you and others around the world. A true Global Company presented in many languages for all!

  Click Here to watch  IMPACT101  short video .


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