How to Boost Your Child’s Self Worth with Ease – 20 Simple Steps to Help Your Child Become More Confident

Life isn’t easy in this day and age and ensuring our children’s happiness as they go along their journey of life requires an important component to help them arrive there strong and sure of themselves – Confidence needs to be instilled from the start.

How to Boost Your Child's Self Worth with Ease- 20 Simple Steps to Help your Child Become more ConfidentConfidence not only helps our children’s levels of happiness, but it also has an important impact on their health and future success.
In raising confident children, we are giving them the tools to better cope with peer pressure, day to day challenges and frustrations, emotions – good and bad; and in general, they are able to handle responsibility in a more positive way.

All of this stands to reason then that confidence is a very important lesson for a child to be given the chance to develop and to learn at home. 

Those closest to a child, such as parents, extended family members, teachers, coaches, and other strong role models in the child’s life ; those that the child trusts and feels safe in their presence, are the best people to help instill strength and help a child to build confidence during their day to day encounters.

The most important place to start building a child’s confidence and self -esteem would be at home, in their own surroundings. This doesn’t have to be difficult – just daily encouragement in a relaxed manner that helps them to succeed and build confidence naturally.

Suggestions to Help in Boosting your Child’s Self  Confidence

1. Give your child Unconditional love so they FEEL this;                 not just hear words.
2. SHOW them Unconditional love no matter what is happening.
3. When you are with them; Give them your UNdivided attention.
4. Don’t compare them to other children or other’s abilities.
5. Encourage new tasks for them to accomplish that they can succeed at.
6. Aim to keep them in the company of positive and like minded people.
7. Give them the encouragement and belief in themselves to try new 
8. When they have success give them praise and encouragement.
9. Help them to explore possible new interests.
10. Be open and positive to hearing their feelings and thoughts.
11. Be a role model so they have someone to look up to and trust.
12. Let them have a voice so they feel their opinion matters.
13. Help them to learn to speak in positive terms about themselves.
14. Take time together when it is only just the 2 of you together. 
15. Give them a chance to make a few of their own age appropriate choices.
16. Speak positively to others around them to develop positive communication.
17. Goal setting with your child – a great way to learn the skill of  planning ahead together.
18. Proudly display their creations around your home.
19. Help them overcome fear of failure by teaching we learn from our mistakes and can still succeed.
20. Give affection to your children UNconditionally.
We can all help our children build their self confidence just by taking small simple steps on a daily basis. We want our children to grow up to be healthy , happy adults with the ability  to lead independent productive lives…. 

It all starts at home in their formative years.
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