Learning to Read at a Young Age

For the Love of Reading

Reading has always been viewed not only as important in our family but also as a relaxing, welcomed chance to curl up with a good book and have some quiet time on our own or together.  There is nothing more relaxing to me than finding a good book or magazine and snuggling up in front of the fireplace with a hot cup of tea.

All of our children started reading at a young age and with their inquisitive natures always had a zest for learning about new things. Our eldest daughter loved Reader’s Digest magazines and would read them cover to cover as they arrived. Our middle daughter was into novels and loved to read for hours on end every day. Our son was not as avid a reader as he had so many other interests, but being a young actor he had many scripts that he was able to read at a young age.  Also, he was an entrepreneur at heart so was always working out new business plans even from the young age of ten years old, and by then was quite adept at spelling things out!     For the Love of Reading

The one thing  that all of our children had in common,  was Hooked on Phonics. We purchased this program when they were all very young and all three of them completed the entire program at their own pace and had a lot of fun along the way.

We highly recommend this program as when your child learns to read, it opens up a whole new world to them. The Hooked on Phonics program has a fun, interactive learning based approach that engages children so they enjoy every minute as they are learning.  Children who work thru the Hooked on Phonics program tend to read at higher levels sooner, as it helps them to sound out words and to have the ability to learn basic sight words.


Phonics are proven to be a critical factor in learning to read. There is evidence that shows there are significant benefits to using phonics learning methods for children of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Using the phonics approach in learning to read, has been one of the top researched and most successful reading methods available for young children.

This Hooked on Phonics learning program uses a proven, simple and fun way  to teach critical reading skills. Every session takes just 20 minutes or less.

Basics of Phonics Learning

Phonics is about using sounds to read words. As children learn the sounds that each letter makes, they are then able to put the sounds together that they see, and sound out an actual word.

Starting early helps children have success with reading at an early age. When children develop reading skills early, and the enjoyment that reading brings, it gives them success as they get older. It’s much easier to learn to read early and build upon your skills and fluency than it is to try and catch up over the years if you have never learned the basics when you were younger.

By the time our eldest granddaughter entered Kindergarten, we had already been reading with her for a few years and she already had a very good concept and the ability to sound out many words. She had 3 sets of             Dora the Explorer phonics books from which we picked a few books every time we were together, to read together. When kids have fun books that are of interest to them, whether by theme or character, their interest stays longer as they are enjoying what they are seeing and learning about.
Our granddaughter progressed rapidly with her reading after she was in school, and we believe that our consistency with reading to and with her often, and always making it not only a fun experience, but an enjoyable one where we had special time together, made her love of books and reading even stronger.

In Kindergarten, our granddaughter read over 200 books and in Grade 1 she read over 400 books. We had fun trips to the library every week where she picked out at least 15 books every week and we would read two to three books every day we were together. There were many an evening when she would ask for “just one more please?” Now, having entered Grade 2 our Granddaughter is already reading Chapter books, and very confidently.

I know the struggles that some children have when just starting out. Some children grasp concepts quite quickly, while others need a little more support and using a phonics program that helps teach “sounds”, definitely aids in the ability of children to start to read with more ease.  I volunteered at school to help in the Reading Program and not only was it a very enjoyable time with the children, as making this a positive experience for them was so important; the joy and the confidence that I was so fortunate to witness in the children as they grasped more understanding and were able to move thru their phonics lessons , was a joy to watch.

We definitely feel that it is worth everyone’s time, and for sure it is in the best interest of every child, to have the benefit of being exposed to      Hooked on Phonics at an early age so that they can have the best opportunity for a head start in reading.  You can start as early as two or three years of age in forming the base of your childs learning.  This program is great for ages 2/3 to approximately age 7 . The recommended start time  would be from Preschool up to Grade 2 or 3.  We had great success with all three of our children using this program and we just wanted to share what we learned and what our own experience was so that other families could also benefit from this great program!

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