Do You Know which Essential Oils are BEST for Restless Leg Syndrome?

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Would you like to know which Essential Oils are best for treating Restless Leg Syndrome? – Get the Relief you need today!!

Essential Oils can definitely aid in relief from the discomfort of restless leg syndrome.
My husband has been affected by this syndrome for a couple of years now and he is just one of millions of people around the world that have this extremely uncomfortable and tiring problem. My husband has kidney disease and his kidney function actually reduced to 2% before he started Dialysis in October 2017. His legs had been giving him minor trouble up to that point but in the past year he has had some extremely terrible bouts on an almost daily basis.  This happens mainly in the evening or after retiring for the night.
We had heard of some treatments such as hot baths with Epsom salts, and Essential Oils Can Give Relief from Restless Legseven using bars of Ivory soap in the bed at night. Although the Epsom salt bath worked on occasion, the Ivory soap bars did nothing at all to help. Different treatments or suggestions may work for some, while not for others.
We have used Young Living Essential Oils in our home for over 25 years and have found them to help with many different ailments.

(Just as a disclaimer: I am sharing what has worked for us in our family when I share about our success with oils in our household; but it is important for you to know that I am not claiming that Essential Oils will cure illnesses or other diseases.)

We have found that different combinations of Essential Oils have worked for my husband Mike and they give him a break from the horrible sleep deprivation that he has experienced with having the restless leg syndrome. It is beyond frustrating for him when his legs are acting up so badly that he gets no rest at all and yet still must get up the following morning and be able to function in a full work day. Being able to go to bed at the end of a long day and get right to sleep and sleep soundly without his legs keeping him awake – and myself as well .. is a huge relief! And, using all natural Young Living Essential Oils do not present any health concerns like so many pharmaceutical options have the possibility of doing.
We have always looked to natural home remedies whenever possible to treat family ailments and I believe after seeing results with more restful nights for my husband that these Essential Oils are definitely an alternative for Restless Leg Syndrome.

Essential Oil Use for (RLS) Restless Leg Syndrome

Insomnia is an unfortunate problem when it comes to Restless Leg Syndrome, so using Essential Oils that have calming and relaxing properties, has definitely shown to bring relief. We have tried several different combinations of our Young Living Essential Oils but some definitely work better than others.

Lavender Essential Oil

Studies have shown that when Lavender is used in Aromatherapy, it has the ability to work like a mild sleep aid. We have learned that it has been suggested that Lavender has the ability to decrease heart rate and blood pressure due to it’s calming effect. This will definitely help you mentally and physically to get into a relaxed state.

Vetiver Essential Oil

This unique Essential oil has a calming and relaxing fragrance with a touch of lemon when diffused in your home. Also, Vetiver Essential Oil has been shown to help in relieving muscle and joint pain that comes along with strains, sprains and the discomfort associated with rheumatoid arthritis when used in Aromatherapy.
The anti-inflammatory properties of this Essential Oil has the ability to aid with improving circulation and the functioning of your nervous system. We have found this to be very beneficial and it goes a long way towards calming restless legs.


Frankincense Essential Oil is another favorite of ours. This oil has a sweet, warm, balsamic type aroma that has calming properties.
It can be used on all areas of the body’s nervous and respiratory systems. This oil can help to lower anxiety and stress and put you into a state of relaxation and peace.

Bergamot – A great Essential Oil for RLS

Bergamot Essential Oil has a light, sweet citrus type aroma. It has relaxing and uplifting qualities. When inhaled this oil can act as an antispasmodic and it has also been said to have sedative and antidepressant properties. This means that it allows aid in the relief of insomnia and as well high blood pressure which both often come along with restless leg syndrome. Bergamot, as with many other Essential Oils, also has analgesic properties with can help with reduction of pain associated with Restless Leg Syndrome.

Two different Ways to get the MOST out of Essential Oils

In looking for relief from Restless Leg Syndrome, we have two different suggestions to try in order to alleviate your RLS discomfort.


Using a diffuser you would just add 2-4 drops of whichever oil you have chosen, or a combination of the oils which you have decided to use.

Topical application:

Always use a carrier oil such as a Young Living V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex or Ortho Ease Massage Oil. These carrier oils will dilute the Essential Oil itself so that you can avoid skin irritation which some people may experience if they use the oils straight. In some applications we do use the oils without a carrier oil ,however just starting out, and if you are not sure of your own skin sensitivity, it is always recommended to mix with a massage / carrier oil.
The best place to then apply your mixture would be on the bottom of your feet, on your wrists, and at the base (nape) of your neck. Wherever you apply it just massage the oils in lightly. You only need a drop or two to recognize the benefits. We find that applying the oil down your spine is also beneficial.

What Are the Causes of Restless Leg Syndrome?

There are so many people that have to deal with the discomfort of (RLS) Restless Leg Syndrome so you are not the only one suffering from this which at times creates unbearable discomfort. Why or how do people become afflicted with this ?

Hopefully you will find some answers here:

– Upwards of as many as 5 million people experience moderate to severe symptoms
– If you have a severe case of RLS it can happen daily, while if you are only moderately affected your symptoms will appear less often.
– It is your legs that are generally affected – you won’t be able to control the jerking and twitching and it is extremely irritating and uncomfortable along with quite stressful and tiring.
– A tugging or pulling feeling is what is generally felt before the twitching starts – My husband describes it as a tingling. … an electric charge that is building up.
– We have found that these issues usually happen in the evening when he sits down to relax and also upon retiring for the night so it always seems to disrupt rest and or sleep.
– My husband has kidney failure and is on dialysis which is one of the specific ailments that seem to be involved with RLS. Other ailments that seem to bring this on are Diabetes and Parkinson’s Disease.
– Symptoms can worsen with certain medications such as if a person is using anti-depressants, allergy medications or even antipsychotics .
– If you are pregnant, there has been a tendency to have RLS during the third trimester ; this would more likely be temporary as compared to some of the other above noted conditions.
– Children can also suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome – Actually about 1 million children are afflicted with this uncomfortable syndrome.
– As far as genetics go, approximately half of the people afflicted with RLS also have family members who may suffer with this as well.
– Alcohol consumption, if excessive, can possibly add to the severity of this condition and/or trigger the symptoms of RLS.

These are just a few of the essential oils that we recommend that we believe can help with this extremely uncomfortable syndrome. We hope that you find relief by trying some of these oils. If you have any questions or would like to know about the benefits of other oils as well, please write and I will be happy to give you more information.

Catherine Gates
Young Living Distributor #64969

This post is purely for educational and informational purposes only and does not intend to diagnose or treat any disease.

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